Samarina Water

Samarina Natural Mineral Water is being bottled straight from Goura Spring at a height of 1.600 m., on Smolikas Mountain, fact which makes the water pure, clean and full of useful elements.

 This is the highest point of bottling, not just in Greece, but all of Europe.

There is a clear and recognized relationship between the height of a spring and the underlying quality of its water, as obviously fertilizer, human and animal waste, byproducts of agriculture and industry and pollutants in general tend to drift downwards through soil layers.

The higher the bottling point, the more pristine the water being bottled.

Spring Goura is recognized locally, regionally and nationally to have exceptional water quality characteristics, a claim substantiated by regular and independent water analysis. This has had the result of establishing the reputation of “Samarina” as offering the best quality of waters in Greece.

The factory which is fully equipped and ISO certified, is located at the same place within a natural forest and near the village of Samarina.

Moving along from geographical and physical description to qualitative properties of the water, in terms of quality, and relying purely on the objective criteria provided by its characteristics based on independent chemical analysis, the Samarina water is the best water in the Greek market and one of the best waters in Europe.

It is the only water in the Greek market that has no nitrates.  

Generally, three parameters describe best the quality of mineral water: the conductivity of the water (pH), its content in sodium and its contents in nitrates.

A comparative study of these elements show that Samarina water to be of excellent quality, surpassing that of famous brands nationally and internationally.

More specifically:

  1. The average pH in the human body is 7. Any water with higher pH assists the kidneys to balance the acidic substances in the human body. In the case of Samarina water with pH 8,7 the body gets all the help it needs.
  2. Nitrates (NO3) can be found in the nature as any other substance, but nitrates are also used as fertilizers in agriculture. That means that a high concentration of nitrates in the chemical composition of any water might be an outcome of contamination by nearby agricultural operations. There is no such problem with Samarina water with nitrates (NO3) of 1,2mg/l.
  3. A high residue value in the water can be a result of agricultural and residential runoff, leaching of soil contamination and point source water pollution discharge from industrial or sewage treatment plants. With a low natural occurring value of 110mg/l Samarina’s water is absolutely clean.

The brand “Samarina Natural Mineral Water” has been awarded with the 3 stars Superior Taste Award by iTQi in Brussels for 2017.