Mission & Values

We are a global private equity firm specialized in direct investments. We are uniquely positioned to understand challenges, and are able to provide access to quality opportunities across the world. Our flexible platform offers diversified portfolios and we collaborate with investors to create customized investment programs that meet specific criteria and objectives, adapting to their visions. We aim to foster collaboration by forging partnerships with leading investment firms, corporate partners, individual investors, and entrepreneurs. Our transparent and flexible approach allows us to tailor their exposure across stages of the direct investment landscape; each having distinct risk-return profiles.

Amani’s mission is clear: to strive for consistently high financial returns, by deploying the team’s expertise in specialized market segments, rather than by advising on volume-driven asset management strategies. Amani aims to create value in a wider sense and to act responsibly and ethically at all times. The name Amani means a group of people who have similar visio’. It signifies the importance of Amani’s network of stakeholders to the business. Amani’s logo represents the key to open the door of the succes. Amani works closely with owners and management teams to help companies flourish commercially within the framework of sound business practices and good corporate governance. Ours is a multi-cultural business. It employs talented people from many countries, backgrounds and age-groups and offers equal opportunities to all of its employees.